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BlueAngel wrote:
So, you agree that WWIII is their agenda?

Isn't this Dr. Makow's opinion, as well?

Basically, what you're saying is that the US might get hit by a VIRUS and they'll blame IRAN. We might get hit by a NUKE and they'll blame IRAN. Or, something more catastrophic than 911 and they'll blame IRAN.

Well, yes, this is their MO.

Just as they blamed Al Qaeda for 911.

In Peace,
BA, I think your misunderstanding my criticism of Dr. Makow, he always seems to lay the blame on the "ILLUMINAT." All evidence shows that the supporters of ISRAEL (ZIONIST) are the ones behind all the terrorist plots, they and they alone seek to create a NWO where Israel will be the WORLD CAPITAL and a Jewish Anti-Christ will reign over humanity, it's not Russians, Chinese, Muslim Arabs, Africans, Mexicans ect. The Illuminati have their assigned role in the NWO, but for the most part its ZIONIST who are currently bringing forth worldwide destruction. 9-11 reeks of their work and they have a long HISTORY of such atrocities. I hope you don't think that people who QUESTION ZIONISM are "Anti- Semites" cause that is just TRAGIC.

P.S. 90% of the time I post here, I leave websites and links to articles and other info so the reader can discern the TRUTH. :-o
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