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Yes, a conspiratorial network with a Jewish cabal.

I think it best that WE not try to articulate exactly who is responsible for what. This only causes confusion.

As far as anti-semitism is concerned, we know they have used this to their advantage in that to blame a JEW for anything is to be of this name.

However, they exploited the JEWS and used them for this reason. They killed, tortured and gased their own kind in WWII. They funded Hitler's so-called war. How dare we we criticize a Jew when they have been persecuted most of their lives.

As long as WE know that the network comprises and employs people from all walks of life. All religions, all races, but that the Banksters, the Jewish cabal play a very large role in the events they orchestrate around the globe.

You can definitely say that those who comprise the PNAC are tools for the network. Skull and Bones members, freemasonry, CFR, etc.

You can say that our current President is one of their puppets.

And, you can definitely say that Cheney is one of the men behind the shadows who probably has more influence than the President.

I am pasting this link from Wikipedia so that I can read it as well.

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