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Yes, WWIII is their objective to establishing a ONE WORLD ORDER. Please note, that this is how it was referred to. I do not remember it as the NEW WORLD ORDER.

Tensions are increasingly high between America and her enemies. She is an open sore for a terrorist attack of their liking because they have paved the road for this.

I have posted a link below with a report from Negroponte.

What Negroponte does in this report is advise US of the dangers we face. They are very good at predicting the future because they know the future for us before it occurs.

This report outlines how America is now a TARGET because of her actions by the "satanic pigs" who control her.

This, of course, is their desire.

I find it amazing how they can write a report with so much intelligence, BUT how they are conveniently inept in finding bin Laden, but very capable of fanning the flames.

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