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Default Re: For sale Nokia n95 and Treo 650.

lim wrote:

Country...Hong Kong.
Contact Person...Todd smith lee

play station 1......... $120
play station 2 ....$130
play station 3.....$150
xbox 360.......$200

Laptops (TOSHIBA)

Toshiba Satellite A75-S229 Laptop Computer---$380
Toshiba Satellite M45-S311 LaptopComputer---$470
Toshiba Satellite R15-S822 Laptop Computer---$720
Toshiba Qosmio G15-AV501 Laptop Computer---$1300
Toshiba Satellite A65-S126 Laptop Computer---$400
Toshiba Satellite P25-S526 Laptop Computer---$1000
Toshiba Satellite A45-S120 Laptop Computer---$400
Toshiba Satellite M35X-S149 Laptop Computer---$500
Toshiba Qosmio E15-AV101 Laptop Computer---$1100
Toshiba Satellite P35-S609 Laptop Computer---$1200
Toshiba Qosmio F15-AV201 Laptop Computer----$950
Toshiba Portege M200 Laptop Computer------$650

(Sony VAIO)

Sony VAIO A170 Laptop Computer-----$1300
Sony VAIO GRT250 Laptop Computer----$1000
Sony VAIO V505DC1 Laptop Computer----$1100
Sony VAIO GRT270 Laptop Computer------$1200
Sony VAIO GRT100 Laptop Computer------$1300
Sony VAIO PCG-GRX7001 Laptop Computer---$1100
Sony VAIO PCG-R505ESK SuperSlim Pro Notebook---$1200
Sony VAIO A130P LaptopComputer -------$1100
Sony VAIO VGN-B100B08 Laptop Computer Notebook---$1000
Sony PCG-K33 VAIO K33 - Mobile Pentium 4----$850
Sony Vaio PCG-V505EX Notebook PC (1.50-GHz

Digital Cameras :

Sony Cybershot DSC-W7 7.2 Megapixel .... $115
Sony Cybershot (DSC-T1) 5.1MP .... $120
Sony DSCT33 Cyber-Shot - 5.1 MegaPixels .... $180
SONY CyberShot 8.1 Megapixel .... $230
Sony Cybershot Digital Camera, 8.0 Megapixel .... $140
SONY Cybershot 5.24 MP 2560x1920 5x Opt .... $170
Sony Cybershot Digital Camera 5 Megapixel .... $180
Sony Cybershot Digital Camera + 1GB Kit .... $299
Sony Cybershot Digital Camera 512M Pro Duo .... $219

Digital Camcorders :

DVD Handycam Camcorder,DCR-DVD203 .... $270
DVD Handycam Camcorder,DCR-DVD7E .... $180
MicroMV Digital Camcorder,DCRIP1 .... $320
DCR-DVD7 DVD Camcorder .... $199
DCR-DVD602E PAL DVD Camcorder .... $220
Dcr Dvd201e Sony Dvd Camcorder .... $369
Sony DVD HandyCam Camcorder .... $619
Sony DCR-DVD201 DVD Digital Camcorder ....$239
Sony DCRHC42 DVD Handycam Camcorder .... $195
Sony DCR-DVD103DVD Camcorder .... $259
If you wish for any product not listed here please email me the product Brand Name and Model and i will source it from our warehouse

Our product are brand new, you can book your order at Email:

Sounds too good to be true, probably counterfiet chinese product.
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