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As for the razor blade incident, whether there was a man with a stocking on his face I will probably never know.

Although I do not believe I inflicted the wound myself, I was to take the blame.

This, so that the person who was responsible, would not receive punishment.

My father said it was important to keep the family together.

He was talking to someone and he said, "why should we doubt what our daughter says?" She was here. She didn't see a man with a stocking on his face. Why would she lie?

Because she was either an accesory and forced to commit the act or did it herself.

The man with the stocking on his face could be disinformation so that I would believe she was an accessory. So that I would believe she didn't do it to me.

She cut her fingers on the razor blades trying to stop me from inflicting harm on myself, they said.

This matter was a closed book. In the past. Never to be spoken about again.

It wouldn't be the first time I attempted suicide they said.

And, of course, I was delusional. I made things up for attention. I lived in my own little world. I would make a good fiction writer someday.

Blah, blah, blah!

I would telephone home and tell my father that these so-called doctors were not REALLY doctors. They were not helping me. Just do as your told. Cooperate with them and you'll be home soon.

In Peace,
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