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The "Gangsters" think you, I, have ZERO MEMORY about their B.S. NWO. I just watched one of my "Senators" Jon Kyl on C-Span ramble on about how America needs to INCREASE it's Military Occupation on the ARABS. PLEEEEZZE, LET me make it clear I'm not a F-HEAD LEFTIST LIBERAL S-HEAD!

My position on IRAQ is the U.S. needs to get out slowly (1-3 years) secure the OIL FIELDS, Lets make this clear, OIL, OIL, OIL, is our PRIMARY reason there. (along with the ZIONIST GREATER ISRAEL.) We need to, like we always done, RAPE AND PILLAGE their NATURAL RESOURCES, (even though we have PLENTY of SOURCES in our own backyard) Don't give me your SAD SACK CRAP about HUMAN CRUELTY, YOU AS AMERICANS ARE ALL GUILTY OF GENICIDE! The ABSURD lifestyle of everything NOW for a bargain, Think about it, WE AMERICANS are ABUSERS of the WORLD RESOURCES, NOW, do we deserve to be ANNHILATED by the BLOODY 3RD WORLD, which we "they" created?

I only bring this "SENSITIVE" topic up because I know what, and HOW the BLOODY THIRD WORLD revenge is happening, Right before your eyes, I've posted on this TOPIC many times, (ASYMETRIC WARFARE) so don't WHINE to me when the THIRD WORLDERS come to slash your throat. (NWO PAYBACK) YES too UNREAL! :-o
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