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I wasn't born this way, I told him. My father.

Why would you let these doctors experiment with me? I am your daughter. How can you do this to your own daughter? I am your flesh. I am your blood.

How can you be like this?

Do I look better when I come back? Does it seem like they're helping me?

I tell you what they do to me and you act as if they're looking for a cure for some "dreaded disease" you say runs in our family.

Some dreaded disease I wasn't born with. Some dreaded disease you make up so I look like the crazy one and you do not.

You make me sick on purpose. They make me sick on purpose.

They ask me what I feel when they do this. What I feel when they do that.

I will not cooperate. Drink from this cup. Drink from that cup. Take your medicine. The medicine makes me feel worse, but you tell me I have to take it.


Don't you trust that I know my own body? Don't you think I know how I feel?

Why do you think you know what I feel inside? You're not inside of me.

If I didn't keep my mouth shut, I was going to get all of us KILLED, is what he said.

You've got to learn to keep a secret. You've got to learn to keep your mouth zipped. You've got to learn to button your lip and throw away the key.

Some secrets, government secrets, cannot be talked about.


Government secrets that they use me and others like we are guniea pigs.

That they put us in cages. That they put dog collars around our necks. That they treat us like slaves. That they make us particpate in grotesque sexual acts?

These secrets? These are government secrets that you want me to be quiet about?

Our family? What the hell is wrong with our family?

In Peace,
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