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I did not always stay with THEM. I was brought to different military installations.

Highly guarded ones at that. Dark, desolate, flashing lights. Lots of them.

I DO NOT LIKE FLASHING LIGHTS. I have experienced trauma with my husband in the car if we are on a dark highway, so to speak, in the middle of nowhere and there may be a bright flashing yellow light up ahead, jumping side to side.

I have at times, actually stopped the car, begun trembling and was almost paralyzed with fear. I could not drive the car any further.

I was afraid to go under the light.

Another time, I was in the passenger seat and I actually crouched down on the floor.

BRIGHT FLASHING LIGHTS in the middle of nowhere do not sit well with me.

The installations are HIGHLY GUARDED. No one come in or out unless they have clearance.

I was being EXPERIMENTED on! I cannot stress this enough.

Experimented on by what and by whom, you ask?

By BEINGS I referred to as creatures from another planet. By evil doctors. By Nazi doctors.

By BEINGS whom could not be human. They had no compassion, no empathy, no feelings!

They could not be described as HUMAN in any sense of the word.

In Peace,
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