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When I began recalling memories five years ago about my past abuse, there were certain symptoms that I suffered when remembering and/or speaking about them.

A feeling of coldness would come over me as if most of my blood had been drained out of my body.

Everything was about taking samples. A sample of this; a sample of that. Poking, proding, testing. Looking in every crack and crevice.

My teeth would chatter, my jaws would become clenched as occured when memories were being tortured OUT OF ME!

My neck would become extrememly painful and tired from the shocking and the targeting of pressure points in that area.

This is happening now. It has been a long time since these symptoms were present.

I was TOLD when this occured to get under the covers in my bed.

I no longer do this as this "tactic" makes it worse.

It draws me into a state of emotional distress were I may lay in bed for days and re-experience the torture again and where "false/implanted memories" can emerge.

In Peace,
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