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I object to the word PROGRAM being used to suffix the words MIND CONTROL. It is inappropriate.

However, we have been CONDITIONED this way. To think of it as a program.

This is what it was called back in the day when I was in elementary school and identified as gifted/talented. A program for the HIGHLY INTELLIGENT!!

I believe my father gave informed consent.

That was what they threw in my face everytime I INFORMED them that I was going to INFORM my father, OTHERS, everyone what they were actually doing to us.

I was adamant to my father in expressing that the PROGRAM wasn't designed to help develop, hone, fine tune the skills of those whom they had identified as gifted/talented and or highly intelligent.

It would be better for us, they said, if we were all grouped together and taught in a separate facility. This may have been on school grounds, I'm not sure, because I've had memories of an underground facility there.

I persisted in telling him and, although I believe he was responsible for much of my abuse, as well as my mother, he may have, at some point, begun to slightly understand my position as to his actions and their actions.

I believe that I/WE were taken out of school and brought to the Opa-Locka AFB which was only several miles away.

I distinctly remember him saying that he never gave permission for them to take ME from the school grounds.


I've already commented about my second grade teacher having left her teaching job after my 2nd grade year with her. It was said that she was in the military, was stationed in Germany and I've written about a memory of her visiting my home when I was older and dressed in her military uniform.

There may have been after school hours devoted to this as well.

In Peace,
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