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Default Re: Are we on the good side

agent978 wrote:

>>>>This time around the reason for war was very cloudy and possibly illegal. However, do you get that gut feeling that we might not actually be the good side anymore. If this war is a lie then how far do the lies go, how many people have been killed or are being locked up because they know too much.<<<<

It's like the UK is backing another hitler's 3rd richt but this time it looks un-stopable.

Yes well, The U.S. has been hijacked by the CRIMINAL state of Israel, aalmost every politician is on the take it seems. WAR for Israel or they bring out all the "Dirty Deeds" of the politicos. I read that a great number of military Officers had been killed (very quietly, and unmentioned in the MSMedia) these officers were very much in the know about 9-11 and alot of other evil stuff.(I'm talking about hundreds of high ranking Officers.)
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