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Default Re: Looking For Slaves

Fugitive wrote:
I am looking for Atheists, Hindoos or Cathlicks to keep in human bondage to do the menial work their subhuman, godless types are fit to do. Is there any of you godless, unsaved, hellbound unbeleiving heretics that would like to be my slave for seven years? I practice Biblical Slavery and you will be freed after seven years of hard labor.
Must be in good physical shape and accept their subhuman, inferior satatus. Also looking for bondswomen to warm my bed and serve as my concubine, as per the Bible. Praise!!
Well gosh...
Do I not even have to supply my Proof of Inferiority document?
I think I fit the profile, as Im not a Christian, I dont believe in your god, Im superhuman (does that count?), and Im in good physical shape and accept my status as superhuman, but Im working on the inferiority thing (Yes, Ive been taking the seminars).

(PS, Im a heterosexual guy, but could I still warm your bed?)


(Go god! Go god! Kill the heathens! Kill the heathens! god hates the heathens! Listen carefully boys and girls)

Hello class, no, today we won’t be finger-painting, today were going to learn how to lynch non-Christians with common household items! YAAAAAAAAAAY!
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