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Default Re: Downloading Alex Jones' "9/11 Road to Tyranny"

Alex Jones, Alex Jones, Alex Jones I said to myself- who is he? Have I seen/heard of him before? I think I did. About a year ago he was either on Discovery channel, history channel or something like that. And he was showing a video of him and his camera people sneaking around the Bohemian Grove folks. He even looked into the camera and said "oh look, Clint Eastwood is there too". "Look at all these familiar faces from hollywood". Now once again, I have a faint picture of him, but is he the one that is very ----say, expressive in voice tone and facial features? He really wants to suck you into this thing. Something like that guy crocodile hunter, if you can imagine. Because when I saw a picture of Alex Jones yesterday he reminded me of the time I watched that Bohemian Grove Group thing. To me he was just a plant.
A 'maker of fools' plant. To me he presented himself like an over baked ham. Therefore, I really didn't feel he was authentic. He's theirs.
Sorry, but that's how I feel. I just don't have good vibes about him.
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