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Default No Way Out: A Fifty Percent Dollar Devaluation

No Way Out: A Fifty Percent Dollar Devaluation
by Robert McHugh

Artificial Economics, the brainchild of the Master Planners, has focused on building an economy where debt -- not income -- pays for goods and services. The emphasis upon debt instead of income via hyper-inflating the money supply in stealth fashion, has destroyed the dreams of millions of Americans. Artificial Economics is a silent economic disease. A coming significant devaluation of the dollar is a likely and necessary consequence.

The use of hyper-inflated money supply to postpone a recession over recent years has served to create an imbalance between income and assets. Debt covered the gap for a while, but now debt is extreme, with a limited useful life. With high paying jobs being exported, and a limit to what is essentially slave labor from illegal immigrants, future productivity gains which translate into income are almost entirely technology dependent. If technology fails us, then the debt-to-income imbalance, then the asset-toincome imbalance must be reckoned with. Undoubtedly, that reckoning will either be a nasty recession/ depression -- where asset values drop below debt levels, leaving us with an imbalance between both assets and debt, and income and debt -- or a significant and sudden devaluation of the dollar.

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