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This is true, but most prefer a god to their liking, they can not get over a real GOD who is described in the Bible. This GOD is exactly as described and in words and actions does not hide this. It is human churches that portray a silly love everything god. A god dependent on its on creation for survival, begging for the love of a half intelligent leather bag. This is not true. The GOD of the Bible is GOD and there is no other. Other beings yes, but the same GOD is GOD of all. GOD is neither male nor female nor anything imaginable by humans. GOD has never been seen by a human and never will be. The Logos was seen and heard and will be seen and heard again. Human belief or disbelief is only important to the human and not anything else in existence or beyond existence. What the GOD of the Bible says and does is exactly what the humans that physically recorded the Bible saw and heard, no apology is coming so do not wait. GOD answered all questions thus: "I AM THAT I AM". If any can not accept this then don't. Continue as you are and go your own way it is your choice. Now make it.
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