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Default Re: Popular Mechanics

So StoneWT you are brave enough on this conspiracy forum to say that 9/11 wasn't as it was sold to us?!

That's pretty good, I'll hand it to you. There's so many ways for your opposition to start attacking that position.

I'm not big into this topic, but it's certainly an important one. If you want to, you can respond to a couple of points here...

1. The third tower that fell down that day, either WTC6 or WTC7. It fell down... for some reason. The main two towers fell down roughly two hours after impact and resulting fires. Apparently steel skyscrapers don't usually fall down from fire. And they are designed with that in mind, and also to resist the effects of accidental or deliberate plane crashes.

The fires that day, unlike the current one in Madrid, were not out of control. The NYFD felt it could save most of the occupants and over 300 of them went into the buildings with their hoses (unlike Madrid). Firefighters aren't stupid, they know their job. As for the jetfuel dripping down a 100 stories or so, even into 6 levels of the basement where the molten metal of the support columns were found weeks later. I bet if you poured jet fuel (ignited) down the elevator shaft that day it wouldn't do any more than heat up the shaft. One of the planes exhibited a huge fireball on impact, presumably combusting most of the fuel.

2. Pentagon, I haven't researched this but where were the bodies, the bones, personal uncombustible possesions of the passengers. Were they found? Just wondering!
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