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Default Re: Most important story of 2008

Couldn't agree with you more!

We are represented by a fascist government who serve the Illuminati. Many in Congress are of the same breed. When I say this, I refer to the fact that they have been corrupted along the way, blackmailed along the way and then promised positions of power to vote their agenda.

Arlen Spector was promised a Senate seat for life for his "single bullet theory."

Katherine Harris was promised a senate seat for life for her job in helping to get Bush, Jr. into the White House. I believe she lost, but only due to voter's disenchantment with Republicans.

The Kennedy's are one of the 13 Illuminati families. Although, I do remember it being said that JFK went against them and he would pay the price.

Ater experiencing a "brutal" in your face regime for the past six years, people are under the impression that Republicans are bad and Democrats are good. They think Democrats will solve all of our problems. They will end the war and all will be just dandy. It is said that these people are living under a "false sense of security."

They are sleepers!

So, basically, in your face dictatorship to serve the purpose of the masses becomming relaxed when a Democratic Congress was installed.

However, the Democrats will push bills under the radar that strip us of our freedoms just as the Republicans did.

Sure, there are some who aren't corrupt, but they'll never be Commander in Chief, never be given quality air time.

And, if they do, they'll find something on them to use as blackmail, or coerce them into something and then use that as blackmail.

While we are on the subject; regarding Project Monarch as a control mechanism.

When I first began recalling, I had memories of having been used to sexually blackmail politicians as a child.

The names of those whom I recalled are Kerry, the face of a horse; Clinton, and I believe it was before he attended Oxford as it was said he would be going to Oxford. In fact, I think at the time they knew he would be Governor of Arkansas. Trudeau, Spector and Hatch.

In Peace,
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