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Default Re: In Celebration of Martin Luther King Day, Let's Relegalize Slavery!

I have news for you. If you have a social security # and a "job" in this country you are a slave. The master is the Central Bank- otherwise known as The Federal Reserve of the United States. The easiest way to control people in a "free" country is to control their system of money. Our banking system is the very system our founding fathers were trying to avoid. This is why they decreed that money had to be backed by gold. This is no longer the case. Money is just paper now and only has value because the government says so. Even the government is owned by the Federal Reserve. Thats right, there is nothing federal about the Federal Reserve. It is owned by families that include the Rockefellers, Rothchilds, Warburgs,Morgans as in J P Morgan and others. The same families that have owned Europe for centuries have owned us since 1913. That is when the Federal Reserve was created. We have the same feudal system now that Europe had when all countries were ruled over by kings and their subjects were known as serfs. 99% of the people are ruled by the other 1%. In fact, Nelson Aldrich, grandfather of former Vice President Nelson Aldrich Rockefeller was quoted in the 1920's as saying-"If the general population understood the truth about our economic system and how banking actually works, I have no doubt there would be a revolution by morning" Wake up, we are all slaves disguised by capitalism and democracy. He who has the gold makes all the rules!
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