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The SOY thing really annoys me. Seriously, why do you need soy in tuna that is packed in water?

I buy tuna in water to avoid oil.

I asked BUMBLE BEE a simple question and I did not receive a reply.

When they're pushing something on us, forcing us to ingest it, well, you know, that just makes me VERY SUSPICIOUS.

One thing that perplexes me is the fact that so many children cannot digest cow's milk and are now being raised on SOY.

So, then I have to wonder. Why is this? Why are they unable to digest cow's milk?

This is not as it has always been.

Why are so many kids allergic to foods?

I'm wondering if Soy is an allergen producer.

My son, who drank soy when he was young, can have life-threatening, anaphalaxic shock, reactions to everyday foods such as peanut butter.

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Blue Angel

Thanks for the post IGWT!
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