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Default Re: Where are the SAFE PLACES??

nohope187 wrote:
nowhere to run and nowhere to hide. All you have left is to hope and pray with gun in your hand and God on your side as you take the bullet ride. 8-)
Easier for you to say you aren't over here on the west coast! If I was living somewhere far like you are I wouldn't be as worried about earth changes

If California goes down, say goodbye to the U.S economy and the worlds economy. According to many 'the big one' in California is the event that will pave the way for much of the end time chaos to come. It is the end of the USA as you know it as race wars, riots for food and clean water, and the invasion of the USA by foreign armies bent on killing americans takes place. Then we have the 666 prophecies and the govt showing its true colors.

It will be a fight for survival, so much so that I thought about going to Mexico for a minute
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