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Default Re: Are we on the good side

Shadow wrote:
Does HE/the famous musician who was my past handler/controller know you're here?
I couldn't have said it better myself.
Thank you for confirming this.

As I said, the art of extraction. A very fine one indeed.

By the way, since we know you are a NWO thug, that would make him? Everything I've written, plus some.

Does he also tell you what to say to me?

There you have it!

In Peace,

P. S. Once while on his site, in an altered state of consciousness, he said, "Wendy, go take your meds." When I asked, why are you calling me Wendy? I was booted.

Another time, I was teased with, "you're LIBRIUM are waiting."

This, after I had been put through the wringer so to speak. My mental state was ripped apart and HE knew it.

You know, if you can't go out on the streets as these musicians can't to get their fix, their handlers supply them. This is a control mechanism. WE KNOW THIS!

Do what we say or you won't get your fix.
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