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Default Re: The ILLUMINATI has made us DULL to SIMPLE TRUTH

That's because they've taken over the minds of our people through years of psychological operations.

They do not allow truth to be found without thorough research which includes sifting for decades through all of their lies/disinformation.

Who has time for this? The way the system is rigged, most of us don't. Just the way they like it.

Once an event, for which they are responsible, is removed from the front burner before any hard evidence can be found, it is considered to be "water under the bridge" by the masses. They have their people investigate it and that is that. They are then free to move on to their next "plan of attack."

The closer we get to knowing the truth, the tighter they will pull the noose around our necks as in locking us up for the least little thing, stripping us of freedom of speech, invading our privacy. Need I go on?

We should all take the time to thank the researchers and intelligence people who have been working behind the scenes for decades to bring their agenda to light for us.

Thank you!

In Peace,
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