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BlueAngel wrote:
Right here:

Excerpt from link:

In April 2005, Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason stated that the Publius Enigma did exist, and that it had been instigated by the record company, rather than the band:

"That was a ploy done by EMI. They had a man working for them who adored puzzles. ... He was working for EMI and suggested that a puzzle be created that could be followed on the Web. The prize was never given out. To this day it remains unsolved." [5]

In Peace,
People are intriqued with mystery. So, the more mysterious a person is, an event is, the more attention it draws. But, it also opens the mind to suggestibility. This is based in part on the mystery religions from Babylon times.

This is what the musician who was my past handler/controller personifies to his fans.

He is a good storyteller and his fans, who have followed his career, want to hear more. Hoping for more insight as to the mystery characters, stories, he has created in his songs.

Captivating his audience with mystery. What is he singing about? Who is he talking about? Tell us more. Tell us more. Almost as if they are children trapped in HIS fairy-tale world.

Do you suppose that these people who followed this Pink Floyd ENIGMA actually thought it was being created by something other than "mind controllers?"

Most probably, because what do they know about mind control.

In a sense, they were victims themselves.

In Peace,
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