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spectre wrote:
Quite aware of all the information you posted but I appreciate your time. I thought it *might* ring a certain bell is all.

Cheers, Spectre

You have done a superb job in exposing yourself.

First of all, one would have to assume from your statement above that you either (1) know me or (2) know of my past. In this regard, I will state emphatically that, this, being the case, you are not someone with whom I would have in the past or present aligned myself with whether you knew me then or know of me now.

There is no other reason why you would think that the links you provided regarding the Pink Floyd mystery might "ring a *certain* bell.

None of the musicians who comprise Pink Floyd is the musician of whom I speak as to my past handler/controller.

I have already posted under the Project Monarch thread about the use of common phrases.

In Peace,
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