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Default Net Petition and homeboy security oryID=24

Both wanna be emperors McCain and Pelosi support shutting down the net.
Take a moment to sign the petition, you know they mean to shut places like this down.

Hmm..Funny how icons in the media before Nov 7 have since disappeared into total oblivion, like Cindy Sheehan for example. In scanning briefly the local pundits they seem to be lacking the proper Illuminati direction right now and are opting for meaningless fluff material. The smoking Nazis and how some kidnapped kid lived with some asshole for four years.
The "surge" still dominates political crap, but then again we know it's a deliberate set up to divert minds away from far worse things occuring daily.

Three kids at my son's high school are being brought up on the charge of
"making an explosive device". My son says these are all really good kids and were just doing what adolescents sometimes do, play with things that go boom. The term "explosive" device here means a plastic coke bottle filled with dry ice. Big deal. Now these kids have a police record because the adults have become Nazified by the Illuminati asshole, shitheads.

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