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Default Re: Net Petition and homeboy security

This is their desire, no? To criminalize our children for the least little thing. Get them into the system. Once in the system, if you live in a small town, the police most likely will TARGET you.

This can be such a vicious cycle.

This happened to my son for quite some time. Police knocking on the door because he made a call to a man who was harrassing his friend's mother who is single. He was written up for this.

Teaching our children not to step out of line, to obey the Nazi's or suffer the consequences!

GAWD, this stuff makes me ill.

Kids just can't be kids anymore.

Like I said in another post, we have them and their "inside" 911 job to thank for the noose they keep tightening around our necks at present.

I think these parents should try to get an attorney and FIGHT IT!!! through the media, too.

In Peace,
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