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Default Weird Scenes Inside the 'New' Islamic FBI. Your Analysis Needed

An Islamic terror-support group called CAIR is now training FBI agents in Islamic "sensitivity" lessons.

Two former FBI agents once called CAIR a "front group for Hamas," and at least two of CAIR's employees have been arrested for ties to Islamic terrorists. Their founder, Omar Ahmed, stated that he intends to see "Islam" become "the only accepted religion in America!"

CAIR's website even offers tips to Muslims in case the FBI arrives to question them about terrorism.

My question to this forum:

Has the FBI become so paralyzed by political correctness and multicultural lunacy that under the helm of Robert Mueller they're actually much worse prepared to catch Muslim terrorists than they were pre 9/11?

(Remember, BEFORE 9/11, FBI management forced at least two ongoing investigations by FBI agents of the 9/11 hijackers to be dropped.)

Or is the FBI simply allowing these jokers at CAIR to believe that the FBI isn't "on" to them?

I'm interested in your analysis of this.

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