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Personal Message from nomfasfu to BlueAngel:


Dear BlueAngel,

Hello...I came across this site searching for information about MKNAOMI I believe...there wasn't much of anything useful but I clicked a link and found this forum and eventually your "MIND CONTROL AND THE MUSIC INDUSTRY" thread.

How can someone read it and not believe you? SHEEPLE don't care about others. The suffering you (and other victims of mind control etc) have gone through...most, including myself, couldn't comprehend it, but I dont think thats a reason to IGNORE it. The only other option that I can see is prayer... (may you heal)

oh...also...being born in the late eighties I'd never heard of/listened to ... but it kind of scares me to think of how many bands/musicians I listen to with a similar story... (please tell me, the beatles aren't REALLY evil? haha...)


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