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Default Re: Where are the SAFE PLACES??

nohope187 wrote:
Seriously, you can't believe Mexico will be any better there, hombre. If anything, it'll be worse. I can see it all now. All gringos must die! 8-)
If I had money I would consider the middle of Mexico far way from coastlines. The problems that would erupt in the USA if the cataclysms happen as prophecized would send the country in chaos.The American dollar is good there and I bet with 10k one can buy a ranch or house with some acres in some isolated town that nobody cares about. You could then proceed digging on the backyard to make an underground shelter.

The only reason I think you are safer in Mexico than in the USA is because of the nwo influence here. We have 'the camps' here plus the possible martial law takeover and police state. They are not planning to have america as a democracy for too long. If everything goes to plan they are going to start wiping out dissidents soon after the cataclysms.

Look at it this way. Unless you are one of the many native americans who have been raised in the wild and know how to survive away from major cities, your chances of survival are minimal. You will need to have a place to live far away from civilization and I don't know if you are trained in living in the wilderness. You can also decide to buy yourself a place in the middle of nowhere, and for that scenario you are going to need enough stored food + water for a long time. Even with all that it doesn't guarantee you that the nwo police won't find your place.

You will know when all hell breaks loose. You can wait to see if the catastrophic earthchanges do happen, whether it be California sinking, to the mississipi river expanding and separating the USA in two, or the new york and parts of the east coast getting wiped out. If any of these things happen this should be enough to raise the alarm in people's heads that things are gonna get bad real soon. Assuming they are far away from those cataclysms, people can either just try to live life normally where they are or maybe consider some of the scenarios I mentioned.

Maybe the USA won't turn into a dictatorship nazi germany style with people getting taken out of their homes and killed, maybe the nwo aren't that evil after all! maybe those concentration camps with shackles that alex jones/texxe mars talk about are being built only to be empty forver! It is up to you to decide based on what you see and what you believe is going to happen.
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