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Yeoshua wrote:
Blue Angel, the avatar stays. The irony is obviously lost on you.

Bondi - I have no idea what you are saying, so the irony of that is; the insult (if it is one) is lost on me.

Finally, things on British Big brother have progressed and it is my opinion that Endemol have made a scapegoat out of the girl who said the alleged racist remarks. It's a shame for her, splattered all over the tabloids today. Poor mare.
Explain the irony and then I'll tell you if it's lost.

How can you not know what Bondi is talking about?

Here, let me interpret it for you. He asks, "why does a fool such as yourself even bother to get up in the morning?"

Tabloids! I think it might as well be front page, MSM news.

In Peace,
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