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Yeoshua wrote:
BlueAngel wrote:
So, you relish the irony of it all?

In Peace,
No, the irony was my avatar.

I am not relishing anything about this, I'm ashamed to be honest.

How can a TV show can become a political crusade?

I don't like it when the media goes out to destroy peoples lives. The indian woman Shilpa, is beautiful, and didn't deserve to be bullied. But the production company could have nipped the bullying in the bud.

They chose not to, they chose to make entertainment out of it.

That to me, is more disgraceful than the comments in the first place.
You're gettin' your wires crossed here, old fella.

I understand the avatar was the irony of which you speak.

Sometimes the media reports truth, and the reprecussions can be destructive for certain individuals especially when evidence exists as to the allegations. I'm not talking about SPIN here.

So, just because the woman was beautiful she didn't deserve to be buillied. No one deserves to be bullied.

The relishing comment refers to the avatar? You like the irony and relish in it, therefore you use the avatar.

A nipped bud can produce another beautiful flower.

In Peace,
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