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Yeoshua wrote:
The reason I mentioned that Shilpa is beautiful, is because I was alluding to the fact that the comments were born from jealousy.....not neccessarily race.

You did not mention this. You said she was beautiful and did not deserve to be bullied.

Aside from the message that the avatar conveys.....

I am hetrosexual and she does have a nice bottom, even for a picture.

I am not the least bit interested in your sexual preference. She is an illusion. You are admiring something that is not real and the thought of the "devil" corrupting her somehow pleases you.

So 'appen I am falling foul of the intention of that the picture conveys.

Because irony is lost when it has to be explained. This has been explained numerous times. Your avatar represents evil. That is why you are falling foul.

I'm admiring an angel....which should be beyond that and unobtainable......

Ironic eh?

What should be beyond that of admiring an angel? Again, there is no irony to be found in that statement. Elusive, perhaps, but not irony.

Seriously though, I do like the picture, and if you genuinely tell me that it causes you offence, I will seriously consider changing it.

Will that do Blue Angel?
That is your decision.

In Peace,
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