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More often than not, when your handlers/controllers are calling out child-like alters to satisfy their sexual deviant behavior, (i.e., pedophilia), they'll ask, "who wants to come out and play today?" Or, who do I want to play with today?

Does Wendy want to come out today?

The scene might be something like this:

The handler will say, "you'll be the baby" and I'll be your Daddy.

I use to ask about this. I'd say, isn't that wrong? I mean, Daddy's aren't suppose to have sex with their children.

I was told that HE wasn't really my Daddy. Of course, I knew this. It was just make-believe, he'd say. But, why make-believe, I would ask. Because some men like to have sex with little children. Isn't that wrong? Not within the cult, I was told.

I was very young to begin with, but the younger the better for them.

Or, I have to pretend to be your Daddy because somebody has to PROTECT you, take care of you. Your own father doesn't.

There are musician's with lyrics in their songs such as; Daddy's coming and/or come to papa!

There's a song, I've never quite understood with lyrics as follows:

"you don't have to call me lieutenant, Rosie, and I don't want to be your son."

In Peace,
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