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Default Re: Hell-O Sinners!!

Wish I could live in a place like that. Just today my son and I ate at cousins and wouldn't you know it
Two guys sitting at a booth eating lunch. On the same side. I of course couldn't resist saying. And they sit on the same side. As I passed by. I live just outside of Madison Wisconsin. Use to be a great town until they heard it was a city with a small town appeal. Well It wasn't long till I moved out. We got our own gangs with drive byes and our own crack houses. And you can hardly go into town without seeing gays around. We even get our own annual gay festivities too.Yahoo Now Madison is just like a real big city. Even got our own daily traffic jams in our brand new rush hours like a big city.
Growth its a beutiful thing. Fuck up my town and when its just the way they like it they will come to a town near you and improve it too. lmfao
When money is your god...The devil is the banker
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