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cuda wrote:
More like criticizing the smallest thing and forgetting the large part is your forte'. Also all you do is rant about who cares and arguing with your self as 2 for sure and I think one more personalities on this blog. Not to mention anyone that puts up a title. Do you even read them or are you just suppose to criticize all? I also think that you steal your illuminate brain washing stories from others stories. Am I the only one who has suspected this?

BlueAngel wrote:

Why is it that you believe you can tell me I am forgetting something?

In what area do you believe my forte' lies?

The music industry?

How would you know?

It is not my forte'. Hasn't been for decades and never will be again.

THIS IS MY FORTE' and I am capable of making that decision using my own free will, my own mind and not via suggestion by another entity.

That was my choice then and it is my choice now.

I beg to differ on the "criticizing the smallest thing."

If that is how you see it, your perception is skewed big time!

Your opinion as to my mind control victimization of the PAST is of no importance to me.

In Peace,
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