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Landed on HIS site in March, 2004. Around June, 2004 or perhaps July, decided to take a trip out of town. Truly trying to get away. Felt I was getting sucked in. Changes being made. I was in an altered state of consciousness at this point.

Parasailing with my daughter. Black chopper hovering behind us. That happens all the time right?

Get back on the boat. The driver turns on the radio and HIS most infamous song is on.

It's all in the timing, I tell you! People will do almost anything for money. And, money is no object for these "mind controllers."

That's why people who feel they are being targeted with secret, silent, invisible weapons and suspect that co-workers, etc. are government agents, well, they may be, but read the paragraph above again!

I asked the driver to turn the radio off. He asks, why? Does it remind you of an old boyfriend?

Go for breakfast the next day. Another of his songs is on the radio.

Go for lunch. Another of his songs is on the radio.

In Peace,
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