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In order to come to conclusions regarding any situation that requires review, one must ask questions of themselves.

It's called deductive reasoning using critical thinking.

In my case, it has to be used. It is not your typical situation.

THEY are not what they appear to be.

I'm just inquiring of myself. Going over the events.

You have seen me use this type of questioning with other posters on the site who have, ultimately, given US insight into their objectives and/or motives.

Regarding the previous comment posted by me, let's assume that the remark the poster on HIS site made about another poster having MPD was from this poster's truth/knowledge of this person. It sounded like it was.

Let's also assume that the poster to whom he referred was the musician who was my past handler/controller. I believe that it was.

They watch him suffer! They watched me suffer! I think the word would be "sadistic." It's all a part of THEIR sick world. Vicious cycle of watching each other suffer.

Reminds me of a "Stones" song. Wild horses, with this verse:

I watched you suffer a dull aching pain
Now you've decided to show me the same

In Peace,

Seems I had a stage name. Wendy, most probably, but could have been Fantasia, Anastasia or Diana.

Reference to this was once made on this site by Leviathan. He asked if I was still stripping. Perhaps thinking this would embarrass me and force me to leave the site. Maybe these are the pictures they are alluding to as releasing if I went public. Don't know.

This was also carried out in the so-called government safe house on HIS site. "Wendy, get up on the pole," etc. Of course, I did not act out these scenes. I thought the charade was ridiculous.

I told Leviathan at the time that his reference was of no importance. If I was a stripper at some point, it certainly wasn't of my own choosing.

It may just be a screen memory.

It was said, "Wendy is your stage name."

If I was being forced/trained to strip in clubs, I would have to think that I was way underage.

Could have been for private parties, etc.
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