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As far as what transpired while on HIS site, I'm certain there were other intelligent entities present, which would exclude HIM and his ilk.

I was reading between the lines in order to recover memories of my past abuse and I was writing about it there.

It was not HIM and his ilk to whom I was reporting in the past or on HIS site.

I was somewhat struggling between "operative" and mind controlled slave again. Intelligence and handlers were both present.

I received a bulk email from an insider who was asking for specific information about Michael Aquino.

Had this person been connected with THEM/HIM, this would not have been necessary. He could have asked me directly on the site.

There is "reading between the lines" and then there is "reading between the lines in songs."

The first one I have used on this site with those who attempt to speak to me somewhat in CODE. They "drop hints" and are elusive in what they are truly trying to convey because it is meant for me and not for the readers of this site to understand. If they said what they meant, their exposure would be obvious to anyone.

This is why I ask questions in response to statements they make that are elusive and have hidden meanings. Meanings that apply only to me.

I have supplied a "perfect example" in Cuda's statement to me that I criticize the small but the larger part is my forte'.

The "reading between the lines" in songs is not a good thing. This is how I was programmed so that I would only be able to access disinformation.

In Peace,
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