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After I left his site, I went through a period not too long ago, where I was listening to the "olides" radio station religiously. This, of course, from subconscious instructions. Waiting, listening, maybe he'd say something, maybe there would be a clue.

Realizing it was causing an altered state of consciousness even further and "snapping" out of the trance like state of make-believe, fairy-tale, never never land, la la land, I thought to myself, this is completely ridiculous.

So, one day I'm listening, and lo and behold, I hear my voice. The soundbite had absolutely nothing to do with what the DJ was talking about at the time.

The female voice said:

"Why are you here?"

My privacy has been invaded much of my life through listening and watching, surveillance, gaslighting. I was a victim of MKULTRA/Project Monarch; used as a sex slave in the music industry; my handler/controller is a very famous musician.

In otherwords, to protect him, to protect the government from what I know to be the truth, I've been a target all of my life.

Makes perfect sense, right?

I shouldn't resent any of this, right?

I should just go about my life like nothing happened, right?

That's what HE did.

Wouldn't you?

In Peace,

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