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I've been going back and forth thinking that I'm sure THEY/HE were in contact with me shortly after I was married.

If he couldn't have me than no one would.

I was never to receive pleasure from sexual intercourse with another man. Anyone other than him. These were my instructions.

In fact, in an email on the site, I said, "I did what you told me to do." This was My subconscious talking and this is exactly how it is referred to in the cult.

Of course, it was a lie.

Let's hear your subconscious talk. That's your subconscious talking. Repeating instructions, etc. It comes up from out of your subconscious, they would say. It's all in the subconscious mind. Penetrating the subconsious mind. That's what it's all about with hypnosis.

I told him to get out. I'm married now and I said, "why are you here?" Maybe they played this on the radio thinking it would have the opposite effect than what it is now. They were wrong. It doesn't make me believe they have tapes. They don't.

I received a vibrator and a subscription to Play Girl Magazine. I was told to pleasure myself. Never have an orgasm with another man.

Remember, they didn't want me to become intimate with another man. They didn't want me to trust anyone for then I might reveal my past. They wanted me alone, paranoid, crazy and/or institutionalized.

When the MPD poster on the site remarked about how I should scream louder during an orgasm, this was because HE was upset. This was also to humiliate and embarass me. This was also to let me know they were listening. Certainly, that would somewhat constrain me.

I believe shortly after I was married, a recording of my husband and I being intimate was revealed to me. This, in an attempt to keep me from having intimate relations with him.

The disinformation was that in the past when HE and I were being intimate, others were listening in.

This is negative.

We know they've been invading my privacy forever, because there isn't any other way they would have known that I was waking up and remembering.

Planes, helicopters, street games, emerged non-stop.

I know why the planes fly overhead, the helicopters as well. Same reason they did when I was younger.

I KNOW THIS, but if I were to ask my neighbors, hey, what do you think about all the aircraft activity around here, they'd be oblivious.

I KNOW THIS because this is what happened in the past. It is an attempt to distract me. It is an attempt to cause interference.

In Peace,
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