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Default Re: funny movie (welcome to the future)

Take a look at this thread.

But, first, I have to tell you about something Dave Letterman said on his show the other night.

He showed a video clip of Schwrazenegger with a carrot in his hand and he was putting the carrot into a woman's mouth. Of course, this is an old video clip. He is saying to the woman, "bite." She is learning the word bite.

He then proceeds to place the carrot in her mouth and sexual connotation proceeds.

Letterman keeps saying, BITE, BITE, as if he is completely and thoroughly disgusted. Don't blame him. It was tasteless.

He breaks for a commercial and when he returns, tells his audience that an aide looked over at him and was hissing during the break as if a Mongoose had just walked in.

So, take a look at this thread. Why did CUDA post the lyrics to a song?

Totally out of context and unrelated to this thread or anything else for that matter.

Why did they post icons of Cuda, BlueAngel, Mongoose, indicating happy, sad, etc.?

In Peace,
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