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Back to the MAILBOX issue.

When it was indicated on his site that something from HIM would be in the mailbox and it wasn't this was to call up the disinformation that I should check my mailbox everyday because I never knew when he might contact me. They couldn't deliver something because the disinformation wouldn't allow it. It never happened.

As I stated this was a subconsicous implant. I always felt that I was waiting for something in the mail, but didn't know from whom or why.

When I was young and imprisoned in MKULTRA/Project Monarch, I spent nights writing all that I could remember. I felt anxious, most times, because I didn't want my parents to know and I didn't want to forget.

Many time, my parents would say that they found me slumped over my desk asleep or that I was up until the wee hours of the morning writing.

I had a back-up story and back-up writing to show them. It was a fiction story I was working on, I said. Poetry, etc.

When I first woke up, I inquired of an insider, "who has the boxes of documents?" This, again, came from my subconscious knowing that this diary of my life is out there in the hands of OTHERS.

I believe I left my writings in the mailbox at night and that they were picked up.

In Peace,

At some point, my parents found out that I was actually reporting and I was under close watch.
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