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Default Re: Downloading Alex Jones' "9/11 Road to Tyranny"

DoctorX wrote:
You raise a good question get_real. He could be a plant because in this day and age you can't trust anybody. The only problem with this is that why would the powers that be fund a guy that puts out so much anti-nwo material? videos, books, his website etc etc. Some would say that since he is such a threat to them the nwo would have gotten rid of alex jones a long time ago if he wasn't a plant.

I have 2 theories

1. The conspiracy is so advanced that the nwo doesn't care. They know they can't keep the information from people and they know that 99.9% of the worlds population doesn't know any of this stuff, and when shown information they think you're a lunatic. They know that they can't be stopped. Like I always say, it will take divine intervention to stop the nwo. They are too powerful and the conspiracy is too advanced.

2. Alex Jones is a plant, and the reason for him being out there is that the nwo wants to know all the people that gets his videos, goes to his site, so that when the nwo takes control in a global police state all the 'troublemakers' the people that know what's going on can be wiped out. All those that read anything about the nwo will be taken out.
Hello, Helen here. I agree with both 1 & 2, plus most of the Elite/Illumed see us as nothing more than being hungry for anything related to gossip, conspiracy, pain and suffering (when it's not up close and personal, somewhere else!), exploitation,etc. They see us NOT doing anything about it. No one bans together to snuff out these things. So they can tell us EVERYTHING, they don't have to worry. Who are we?? Therefore everything is thrown in our face.
What does that say about us???????
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