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Default Re: Downloading Alex Jones' "9/11 Road to Tyranny"

DrX: it's me get real again. Forgot to comment on this: you say only 99.9% are aware of any conspiracies/NWO. I'm sorry, but more people than you think know or are suspicious. Many are not speaking up openly as those of us on this forum and likely in our living rooms.Teens and slightly older have a good idea of what is going on. Because some of the young people I know through my neighbors, co-workers, etc can tell you everything about secret societies, computer spying, how to have extra money by the weekend and not get caught getting it, and how to snuff somebody out and NEVER get caught!! Many of our young people are angry for us not doing something about the "in your face" problems. While many in my generation were talking and singing to "let's get along", "make love not war", "let freedom ring", and quoting scripture, everything else was coming to a big head. People want to hear, but not act. Let's face it when the belly if full......
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