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Default Do a little debt, sell a little oil, get down tonight, hey, get down tonight!

Nova Scotia and Newfoundland have just recieved 1oo% of offshore royalties. The PM, Prime Minister, was in town yesterday and told us we get to keep 100% of our oil revenue worth many many millions. Sniff, sniff, let me wipe a tear... weep weep... we are gonna be O.K.

Wake up folks, the money is going to be directly applied against the provincial debt. Under Premiere Buchanan, the pedophile involved in the Shelburne Boys School fiasco of bribery and pay-offs and no investigating under any circumstances... deep breath.

After his reign as supreme cock of the walk, Nova Scotia's debt was about the size of the debt for all of the rest of Canada. Doesn't paint a very nice picture, eh? He apparently had a spending habbit of some sorts.

Anyhoo, the new flunkies of corruption have learnt well, so they'll do a little debt, sell a little oil, get down tonight, hey, get down tonight! This tune reminds me of Iraq for some reason.

Oh for fcuks sakes, when will the bullshit end?
Are people really so naive or just plain ignorant?

Maybe it is a combination of both???

The Provincially corrupt debt-loving politicians just got a blank cheque!!! Poor Nova Scotia.

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