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Default Re: Witness a miracle (streaming video)

Ephesians6, loving the lord with all your heart and ONLY Him will lead you to submit to His Will. To love Him above all else, means when He asks you to do something you do it no matter what. Like Abraham being willing to sacrifice his own son. That is submission. NOt that we are all asked to do something like that. But we have3 to be prepared to take on whatever He has ready for our lives.

Ahmad your knowledge of the new testament is somewhat lacking as is the history surrounding the church. Jesus does claim to be the Son of God. Moreover, what of all the prophesy in the old testament of a jewish messiah. He fulfilled all those prophecies. jesus said too many things that dont agree with the q'ran. He preached to love your enemies. Not smite them. As for the Trinity, I have some problems with that myself. Some think Jesus= God. Even Jesus prayed our Father. He also sits at the right hand. When talking about the end times He said only the Father knows when it will happen, not even the Son. So they are different and God is in charge above all else. However, Jesus is the way and only to bridge the gap between us and God. He is of the same essence of God. Whatever that may be
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