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Default Re: Witness a miracle (streaming video)

Peace Zanyzan311,

You are totally free to believe what you want my friend, i really can't choose for you...all i can do is to remind you and then the test is yours.

What we really need is to "confront" ourselves. Meaning that we can not afford to settle with half truths, why? because it's our eternal life that is in stake!. Can you imagine that our choices today affect us for eternity! can you even start to imagine eternal neverending life in total misery!

Anyway i will say it again, Jesus never uttered he was a physical son of God, if he said that he would have meant it in the spiritual allegorical sense which was lost in translation,

All who are led by the Spirit of God are sons of God.
[ Romans 8:14 ]

Please think carefully about the above verse, are we all divine christs ?

The flow with "Jesus is the son of God" is very clear, do you think the Creator of the Heavens and earth would like partners in his kingship?.

With all due respect, what you say is no different, it's a gross blasphemy and you should wake up the sooner the better,

zanyan311 said: "However, Jesus is the way and only to bridge the gap between us and God."

This is a satanic trick that i hope you haven't bought yet, why? because there could never be such a "bridge", God won't make it that difficult for us to redeem ourselves, we don't need a more "pure" human being to defend us, it is our responsbility and there is no escape from it. Don't blame it on Jesus, be a real man or a woman and stand in the court for yourself, state your case clearly and say the truth, even if it condemns you, but don't blame it on another human being who was and is totally powerless to help even himself.

Where is the "trinity" or the devinity of Christ in the Bible?

"I cannot do anything of myself. I judge as I hear, and my judgment is honest because I am not seeking my own will but the will of him who sent me." [ John 5:30 ]
God\'s alternative, USN

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