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Default Re: For whom are these poisonous oranges?

See here:

"Orange was the color of the culmination of the "Commoners' Wealth"
revolution (moveable wealth represented by Plebeian money factors) against
the landed Patrician nobility of England, which placed William of Orange on
the throne. In 1694, The Bank of England was founded."

...In 1694, The Bank of England was founded...

William of Orange (1650-1702) was a King of England financed by the European Jewish bankers in order to give them the REAL power over England (and over what was going to become the British Empire): the Bank of England. From that time, the REAL power in England was no more the ROYAL power but the bankers` power. So, we can say that the Rothschild`s power was born in an "Orange" craddle...
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