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spectre wrote:
BlueAngel wrote:

Oh, right. Of course. Why didn't I think of that. Accidents are EVIDENCE that CONTROl is just a concept.

Let's try that one in court.

In Peace,
You seemed to believe that because I made a mistake in accidentally creating a new thread when only trying to respond to an existing one, that I must not be in control of my actions.

Many truths go over the head of the courts every single day. Not following your defensive and sarcastic logic.

In the very least, I've temporarily distracted you from yourself which you seem to be in desperate need of.

I'm afraid our time is up now. There isn't enough of it to lend to all that has been my attempt at communicating with you.

I concede to those walls you have built up.
Spectre said:

"Temporarily distracted myself from you."

Try making it permanent for whatever end result you seek will not be realized.

In Peace,
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