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For me, it was like I was being raised in the military.

Obey orders, carry on, as you were, salute! Chain of command is never to be broken. We give the orders and you carry them out. Code of silence.

I remember hearing, it's inspection time. If it's not up to standards, up to par, it will have to be done over again.

Rise and shine. The early bird catches the worm. Up at the crack of dawn. Down at dusk.

Stand straight. Hold that position. Don't step out of line. Shoulders back.

I also remember target practice somewhere. Don't know where yet.

I remember being shown how to clean guns, put them back in their cases. Being taught all about guns. Aim, steady, fire.

Hit the bullseye. Gotta hit your target. Powerful blast and jolting back. I see a field and I see targets, but I don't know where I was.

In Peace,
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